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​Sources for slave collars. Axsmar - captivating steel Axsmar - captivating steel - Edelstahl- und Titanschmuck in archaisch strengem Design - stainless steel and titanium jewelry in archaic strict design ​ Träume aus Edelstahl - English Träume aus Edelstahl fertigt Schmuck, Toys und Accessoires nach Maß für ihre anspruchsvol...
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Off Days

Today is an off day for me. An off day can suck for anyone, but there is an added pressure to hold it together when you are the head of the household in a M/s household. As the man of the house, I hone responsibilities that don't go away just because I am not in the mood at the moment. I have a Free Companion who still looks to me for security and ...
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Profile Legalese Misconceptions

If you have spent any time at all around kinky website profiles, you are sure to have come across the following boilerplate in use:  Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any...
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Poly Too

The focus of my blog is my kinks, though an important detail about my kinks is the fact I am not monogamous.  I had been in a monogamous marriage for 10 years, but for all the effort made, that marriage ended horribly.  The marriage did not end because of my being somehow not cut out for monogamy.  I could have been very happily mono...
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About my kinks

A little background I've always been kinky.  The moment I became interested in girls, I became interested in power exchange forms of sexual play.  Initially I was a pure switch in the sense that I didn't really care who had the power, as long as that power was being used for something deviously sexual... and for a depressingly long time, ...
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Getting the ball rolling

​So where do I begin if I am going to turn Kinky Too into my personal blog?  I suppose I should start with why anyone would care to read what I have to say. I named this site Kinky Too because in addition to all the normal, mundane details of my life, I am kinky too.  Though that is not entirely accurate.  In reality, I am kinky at m...
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What happened with Kinky Too?

Kinky Too used to be a different site.  When we launched it, it was intended to be a replacement for CollarMe/CollarSpace/CollarChat, but done right.  We put up a forum,  had the initial structure of a dating site in place, and launched right at a time of intense CollarChat drama leading to a small spike in Kinky Too activity.  ...
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